I am not usureshb

March 18, 2006


Just now for the first time , I am creating my external blogs.

I tried to create one with “suresh” – It throws out a message – “Hey, some one called suresh have already registered here.

Second time, I tried with the my full name “sureshbabu” – Same message again.

I thought, “Is every suresh started blogging, am I the last one. what to do now ? I have decided to starting blogginga after giving much thoughts. – Can I write like other bloggers, this is not your 10th std 10 mark question to just write whatever I know about the question. This is blog, Many people may(will you ?) read it. comment your writings, so think, think , think. “. Finally I made up my mind to write blogs, but all these names are been used already, what to do. So I took the last letter of my name and include it in front, removed the other letters in my second name “babu” except the first one “b”. Hey you got “usureshb”. I am sure that this name will not be used by anyone else. try this. And that is the reasone behind my username.

Except more in this.

Till then, bye for now,