A Book Review

April 10, 2006

Hi All,
May be you are wondered why this fellow wrote a worst blog at the beginning and stopped at that. Is he thats all, just talking about something which is of no use and non worth to read , please excuse, we have a product release till last week end , so as usual , full night stays, no weekend leaves, etc, etc, (add whatever you may think when you are in the final stage of Product Release). Now I am not going to write about our product in this Blog. (Man, I have just now came out of thinking about it. So not in this blog, but will soon write about it. – You are going to find it useful , I assure).
This week end, I definitely want to relax, change my serious mood to something Enjoyable …. hooo la la la….. I got the book “Five Point SomeOne” by Chetan Bhagat. So this is just of review of the book “FIVE POINT SOMEONE”.
So what to say about this book, WOW- Excellent, Enjoyable, Interesting …etc… etc…. It definitely solved my purpose of buying that book. It was a superb experience reading that book.

I have already read Chetan’s second book “A Night at Call Center” and also I have heard many of my colleague talking about this book as a post lunch talk, So I had a great expectation while buying this book. I am damn sure that this is going to be very interesting.

Now coming to the point, this book is about 3 IIT students, Alok,Ryan and Hari. Its about their life as soon as they enter the IIT campus. As every IIT students, they were also bright students in their School. They 3 are Friends starting from the first day when Ryan saves them from the seniors. Still Alok and Ryan have differences in opinion about study while Hari was a normal casual guy, doesn’t worry about anything, when some one tell him a plan, he simply follows it. Alok was from a middle class (actually poor) family and he has to study at any cost to save his family. He was a Book worm and he liked it. Ryan approached everything with logics and plans. The problem with this Guy is he plans for anything and everything, with the most enjoyable part of it was naming his plans “C2D, Operation Pendulum”. Hari as I said earlier was a normal guy, the best part of him was his love with his Dept’s HOD’s Daughter. OLHA…….. I think now you understood how interesting this book should be. So these guys were average performers in IIT and they rarely care about it(Except Alok whose only aim is to get a good placement and earn for his family). Finally they tried to be smart to increase their percentage and the story goes on what happened after that.
Some situations which I liked very much in this book:
1. When everyone was tensioned for their practical exams and Ryan do some connections with the electronic devices there and form a mini radio.
2. When a Prof explains about Machine and Ryan found a contradictory argument with it.
3. When Hari gives some flowers for his lover which are plucked from her own garden.
There are many more like this. I don’t want to tell more as it may spoil your interest. Just read this book if you want some real enjoyment.

Thats all my review on this book. Don’t scold me, I am a newbie to writing reviews on Books.
Bye for now,